Rest assured that you are covered

Types of cover

Public Liability cover

Covered up to €6,500,000 any one occurrence.

Product Liability cover

Covered up to €6,500,000 any one occurrence.

Employers Liability cover

Covered up to €13,000,000 any one occurrence.

About insurance

Recent years in Ireland have been difficult times for bouncy castle and inflatable suppliers in terms of insurance. Excessive claims arising from legitimate and fraudulent sources had lead to premiums rising to an almost unsustainable level. The Irish times has stated “that small bouncy castle businesses may have to pull the plug on their inflatables for good if an alternative to UK-based LeisureInsure is not found”. This lack of competition and uncertainty for insurance companies around the viability of the market has driven premiums sky high. This increase in premiums has resulted in a lot of smaller businesses being forced to operate without insurance.

However unfortunate recent years have been, we feel that you as a the costumer should not pay the price for businesses that are forced to cut corners. You can rest assured that when you use any of our suppliers that you are covered because we ask each of our suppliers to provide details of their insurance before they are allowed access to this site. They are also required to resubmit all documents periodically at intervals that align with their insurance expiry dates. 

what are you covered for?

Public Liability cover

Public liability cover is insurance that each supplier has taken out to protect both you and themselves in the unlikely event that they find themselves legally liable for an accident on one of their rentals. The limit of indemnity can vary, but generally starts at around €1.3 Million. Each of our suppliers have been vetted for insurance cover of 6.5 Million to give you that extra peace of mind.

employers liability cover

These days you can never be too careful with claims arising from accidents becoming more common each year. A lot of suppliers are operating without insurance and thus the employees they use are also not insured. If one of these installers were to have an accident on your property you could find yourself liable if the supplier fails to produce their insurance. That’s why all of our suppliers are vetted for employers liability insurance. This gives you and them peace of mind that if there is an accident, the safety net is in place. Each of our supplier has been vetted for €13 Million employers liability cover.

product liability cover

You never know when the next accident might happen. Inflatable hires are one of the most susceptible rentals to wear and tear. Although each supplier will carry out their visual inspection when setting up the device, it is not unheard of that damage may be incurred at the time of use. If your supplier did not have product liability cover then you may find yourself liable if there was an accident arising from a defect in the device. That is why it s essential that all types of insurance are in place. Each of our suppliers has been vetted for €6.5 Million product liability cover.

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