About Us

We aim to help connect local businesses with the local community

Our story

Recent years has seen the presence of online marketing explode across the globe, with small businesses struggling more than ever trying to stay afloat in a sea endless websites, facebook pages and other social media platforms. The days of the yellow pages ads alone being able to keep businesses employed year round are coming to an end. Small businesses are being forced out of work by larger businesses who are investing thousands of euros each year on digital marketing campaigns. Many small businesses do not have the marketing expertise nor do they have the money to move with the changing times. Even if they were to invest thousands of their hard earned cash there is no guarantee that the marketing campaign will be a success with so many scams on the internet today. That’s where we come in. We aim to assist the regular hard working Cork community to overcome this obstacle with our marketing expertise. Cork Bouncing Castle Hire is a Cork owned and Cork run company. We are offering a marketing platform for you the Cork businesses to promote your amazing products to the people of this county looking to be entertained. We are not charging any subscription fees and there is no limit to the amount of products you can upload to this site. We basically take a small commission for each sale made, therefore you are on a no sale, no fee contract. All we ask in return is that you provide us with your insurance details so that we can give our customers the assurance that they deserve for their hard earned money.

So what are the benefits of using our platform?

✔ Greatest variety of entertainment by using multiple suppliers

✔ Can cater for the largest events with biggest range of stock

✔ Connecting Cork community with Cork businesses

✔ Random special offers

✔ Insurance verified for customer piece of mind

✔ Free call back requests

✔ Supporting local businesses

✔ No subscription fees, no contract for businesses

✔ No sale, no fee opportunities for businesses

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